Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Every Woman Wants Her Man to…

Every woman wants a man who’s honest, committed, loving, understanding, etc… but that’s not it! There is a lot more women expect their men to know.  Here are 5 things that every woman secretly expects her partner to know…
1) The Basics of Cooking
You need not be Sanjeev Kapoor but if you know the basics of cooking like making tea/coffee, rice, dal, soup, healthy snacks, etc you’ll never be in trouble. If your woman is in no mood to cook someday, you can enter the kitchen and make her feel special.
2) Know Driving
Yes, we all know women are good drivers (we mean it!) But there are some who may not be very confident at driving and that’s when they expect their partner to have good driving skills. Women love going on long drives. Doesn’t matter which car you own. All you need to know is how to drive, if you really want to set an impression on your woman.
3) Be Organised 
Running the house, cooking, doing the dishes, keeping the house clean, etc is not just a woman’s job. She expects her man to take equal interest when it comes to household chores. If not everyday, at least over the weekends when you’re home.
4) Be Technologically Sound
Most men love gadgets! If you have a technical mind, you are going to be called a Genius by your partner. But being a technical disaster won’t work. The fact is, not all women have great knowledge about gadgets and so they expect their partner to understand it well.  You at least need to know how to change a bulb, tube light, save your computer from viruses and pop-ups.
5) Be a Health Freak 
You might be a samosa, vada pav fan, but women prefer men who are conscious about what they eat. Of course, you can enjoy your unhealthy deep-fried food once in a while but not always. Most women today are health conscious and they expect their partner to follow the same diet. So, forget your cheese, butter and sugar on a daily basis. Apart from that women love men who take up a fitness activity to stay fit. If not anything else, you could just go for your morning walks.

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