Friday, December 13, 2013

8 Secret Things about Marriage that Couples Should Know

1. Girls, are you ready to imitate your mother-in-law?

Immediately after marriage, your doting boyfriend vanishes. He now wants you to imbibe his mother’s qualities. Get ready to cook, care and run the house like her. You are compared to your mother-in-law and unknowingly you two are put up to compete with each other, time and again.

2. Husbands are you ready to pick sides?

Sometimes situations will crop up when you would have to make a decision whether to agree with your mother or your wife. Both these ladies play an important role in your life, but once you give your opinion, get ready to be emotionally tortured, forever. Don’t expect any help from your father. He has already learnt his lesson in vanishing from the scene.

3. You are his new nanny!

After marriage, the husband’s family expects the newly-wed 'bahu' to change the bad habits of her husband overnight. It is like his parents got him married so that they can wash their hands off his responsibility. Duh, what were the parents doing all these years?

4. Reveal your expenses but never ask hers

After marriage, be ready to give a detailed expense report to your wife. You might have to give a complete power point presentation as well! But remember while you are giving details of every rupee you spend, you can never dare to question your wife’s expenditures. Learn this mantra that she strongly believes your money is hers and her money is hers, only.

5. Gender equality is kept out of the kitchen

The traditional perception of women managing the house remains unchanged even in this modern age. Your husband gets applauded even if he attempts to toast a piece of bread and burns it, while your hard work would be labelled as your duty.

6. She tells her mom, everything!

Husbands get prepared to find out that your mother-in-law knows about each and every aspect of your married life. Your wife shares all tits and bits with her mother. But don’t even think about doing the same, because if she gets to know that you share details with your family, you will never hear the end of it!

7. His parents are family, yours are just guests

Girls, after marriage you take care of your in-laws just like your own family, but your parents will remain guests in your husband's home. You are expected to play the role of an ideal daughter to your in-laws, whereas your husband always remains a 'jamai raja' for your family.

8. Arguments never take a rational path

Arguments are common when two different beings are staying together. To satisfy his inherent male ego, your husband will need to have the last word in any argument. While to satisfy your wife’s emotional needs, husbands should be the first one to apologise.

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